Creating a short video provides your audience with engaging content and easily shows your personality. Lantz Star Graphics can help you figure out the best platform in which to use your video that best fits your goals. We’ll assist your business with the entire video process, from story board creation, shooting and production, editing, and posting/sharing the final product.

Here are a few of our most recent videos.

The Holden Agency 2016 Video Update

Directly after the start of 2016, we produced a video for The Holden Agency highlighting the company’s progress in 2015 and their plans for growth in 2016.  We captured the growth of the company through the additions of new agents along with what makes The Holden Agency different from other real estate companies.

The Shelby Foundation

The Shelby Foundation looked to us to produce a video for them to run at their fall fundraiser.  The goal of the video was to capture the intimacy that comes with living in a small town and what makes Shelby a special community.  We conducted interviews with five people and captured b-roll around Shelby to powerfully convey the message.


We created this video purely for Facebook and to accompany our marketing for school sports programs. Posting the video directly to Facebook allowed us to track how well the video was received, and we wanted to see how many people we could reach.

Organically, our video was viewed over 2,000 times in 48 hours and doubled within the week. We’re now up to almost 5,500 views and reached over 8,000 people.