February 7, 2019

Setup email account in Mail app on Windows 10

First, let’s launch the Mail app that comes with Windows.  In the search bar, type mail and hit enter… that will launch the Mail app.  Or, if you have a little white envelope in your task bar, click that.

Select Accounts from the left sidebar.

W10 Mail Step 1


Select Add Account on the right.

W10 Mail Step 2


Select Google as the type of email account to setup.

W10 Mail Step 3


Enter your full email address.

W10 Mail Step 4


Enter your password.

W10 Mail Step 5


You may be prompted to enter a new password.  Sometimes when accounts are setup, they are configured to make the user change their password the first time they connect.  Enter in a new password if prompted, otherwise skip this step.

W10 Mail Step 6


You will be asked to confirm that Windows Mail can synch with your email, contacts, and calendars.  Select Allow to continue.

W10 Mail Step 7


You will be prompted to enter your name.  This is what will be shown to recipients as from field when they see the email. Select Sign In.

Screen shot missing.


That’s it! Select Done to finish and go back to your mail page.

W10 Mail Step 8

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